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Summer Birthday--Bring It On!

Yes, it happened again—another birthday, last week in fact. But I must say, after 60 plus years, I’m getting used to birthdays. And I’m owning each one.

I might as well say the number since my husband’s friend surprised us with lawn cards that literally covered the front with colourful signs of cut out flowers and summer creatures and in a prominent place, an easel wishing me well on my birthday and naming the number.

All passed by, gawked, smiled or wondered why.

I wondered the same when I woke up, saw the signs and was shocked by the sight of my age advertised on the easel. But after breathing, I laughed—out loud, and that’s when I decided to own the day—all of it—all my age and all that comes with another birthday.

After all, it was the opening day of patios, the lifting of lockdown, third wave, in the second year of the pandemic and the roses in my garden had suddenly bloomed.

Lunch on a patio was sweet. But sweeter still was the perspective that came with owning the day and giving gratitude to God for life, love and laughter.

Whenever your birthday is, whether it's summer or not, I celebrate with you and hope it’s full of the three l’s also.

The poem below came as I contemplated the truth about birthdays, about each day of birth and gave thanks.

Days of Birth

Own it—the day of your birth

for all it’s worth, for all you’re worth.

Own it.

Take it as treasure

Found, as gift given as surprise

As oasis for desert traveller

As sight restored to blind beggar.

Because that day

Repeated in one year

Each year like a ring

Around a tree, a rung on

A ladder—marks ascent

And you alone give consent

To grow greatness or weakness

So own it, even though you know

it—the trail of trials, the traumas

and triggers ongoing, the uphill


Mime the words you cannot

say, but own that day—every day

as a birth day.

--Vilma Blenman

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